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The Tea Room

The Back Room

The White Room

``A phone is ringing somewhere. Let the answerphone take it. I roll over, switch on the radio to the 6am news headlines on the Today programme. Something about the peace process, something about a wonder drug for breast cancer.

"Legendary country and western singer Tammy Wynette has died, aged 55. She sold more records than any other female country and western star, and was known as the first lady of country. She was less successful in her personal life: married five times she..." I switch it off, get dressed, go out to feed the animals and open the chicken run. The damson trees are now in blossom, but the weather forecast for this Easter weekend is wintry conditions. A late frost could wipe out a whole crop.''

Bill Drummond, The Guardian, April 9th 1998.

The Blue Room

"Video games and the online banking are interactive, but video on demand is linear."

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